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Customers are the foundation of businesses. For businesses, how to better attract customers is the key. How can we attract consumers? According to the online survey data, consumers' attention can only last for 3 seconds. In this short time, there must be a way to attract customers and keep their eyes. Some smart businesses will place LCD displays in their stores to attract consumers' eyes, and the content of their shows is clear. Kiosk Touch Screen Monitor, Store Digital Signage, Whiteboard Digital Interactive, Digital Touch Screen Table,Digital Signage Player. "Making the Products of High Quality" is the eternal goal of our company. We make unremitting efforts to realize the goal of "We Will Always Keep in Pace with the Time". The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Italy, Seychelles,Niger, Romania.Advertising player is an intelligent product combining the software and hardware of display system and information release system. It can be used in a variety of places, such as subway, supermarket, cinema, high-speed railway station, etc. However, with the diversification of outdoor advertising demand, Layson has developed a series of outdoor advertising players, which can display advertising information anywhere outdoors without weather and other environmental factors, Outdoor advertising communication has brought different presentation methods. It can be applied to outdoor advertising, public information display, touch interaction and so on. Advantages of Layson outdoor advertising player

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