55inch floor stand all in one landscape 2000cd waterproof IP65 totem display outdoor touch screen lcd interactive kiosk

Short Description:

Outdoor digital signage

Full outdoor waterproof,dustproof,anti-theft,explosion-proof

Product Detail

Main features:
1. Galvanized steel+outdoor power painting, anti-corrossion for more than 10years.
2. AG minus reflection glass 5 mm,light transmittance 97%,reflectivity is less than 3%, laminating,explosion-proof membrane surface.
3. Air-conditioner built-in, with patent fully intelligent temprature control technology including heating function.
4. Brightness: has brightness sensor, auto-adjustment as per different daylight to lower power consumption, standard maximum 2000nits.
5. Electronic part: Electricity leaking protection, lightning protection.
6. Power: Industrial-grade power board, brightness auto-adjustment to lower power consumption.
7. 10-point capacitive touch supply a perfect touch experience.

Working Features:
—Working in sunny days
Screen brightness from 1500nits-2000nits , Automatic brightness control system ensures LCD will not turn black under direct sunlight
—-Working in high temperature Intelligent fans cooling system, Working high temperature up to 55℃
—Working in low temperature Intelligent heating system, Working low temperature below to -20℃
—Working in rainny days Unique full-sealed enclosure for outdoor use, Waterproof and dustproof meet IP65. Water-proof plug with water-proof glue to ensure no water leakage in rainny days. Intelligent fan cooling temperature control system.
Configuration system Multiple Options –PC Additional or upgraded PC Special industrial PC can be integrated for systems with needed information issue system —Media Player Embedded Media player Multi-function media player embedded easy for operation —Touch screen Adopt capacitive touch foil technology with high sensitivity and immune to outdoor effects —4G Module IP65 antennas, router, 3G card, 4G module and connectors for internet access
Robustly designed compact display suited for any environment condition. Rely on strong 24/7 durability in virtually any environment. Present business messaging 24/7 even when the signage is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight, or to harsh environmental conditions such as dust, water and heat. It is mechanically designed to endure high temperatures that can withstand a wide operating range of: -30°C (-22°F) to 50°C (122°F) temperature variation.Simplify outdoor signage with an all-in-one solution. Conveniently and easily install, design and operate outdoor signage with an all-encompassing array of features in a single display. The all-inclusive design features ingression protection, anti-reflection technology and vandalism protection. All of the components arrive perfectly preassembled. The simple enclosure requires no additional parts, so it is completely ready for virtually any space.
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