69.3 inch floor standing android stretched bar lcd display full screen digital signage for store retail supermarket

Short Description:

1. 69.3″  full screen stretched bar LCD display 
2.Brightness: 200~700 nits high brightness and adjustable
3.Viewing angle:178°/178°
5.Android network version (optional): Android 7.1 OS with WIFI,Ethernet,4G optional
6.Include free content manage software for remote control all terminals

Product Detail

The 69.3-inch vertical full screen digital signage adopts cabinet appearance, full-body hardware cold-rolled steel plate spraying, edge aluminum alloy profile, panel 4mm special toughened glass, vertical LCD screen and high-definition effect. It can be widely used in building lobby, hospital, station, hotel, subway, shopping mall, government building and other occasions. It is mainly used for welcoming guests, queuing, number taking and value-added services. It is a newly launched high-end smart business display product. The display effect of conventional LCD advertising machine often can not reach the artistic effect that the designer wants. With the development of science and technology, a large amount of information is no longer limited to standardized push. The previous standard products are limited by the conventional proportion and production size, so many places can not be used, so the utilization rate of products is greatly reduced. The emergence of 69.3 inch vertical full screen makes up for the vacancy. If the cost allows, customers prefer larger display sizes, which are more suitable for the scene. From the perspective of demand, the large-scale direction of commercial display products is correct. With the development of intelligence, LCD display is more and more concerned about the sense of technology and fashion of products. In addition to larger screen display, curved surface, transparent display, flexible grid, non-standard comparison column and other specific types of product innovation have also become the new favorite of the commercial display market. For example, a common application scenario is a clothing store. At present, more than three LCD splicing screens will be installed at the door of many clothing stores to play product promotion videos related to model shows. Now only a 69.3-inch vertical comprehensive screen is needed to replace it. At the same time, it can save a lot of expenses from the comprehensive comparison of hardware cost and labor cost. On the whole, not only the price is very attractive, but also the installation is simple and there is no display gap. The overall visual effect is more comfortable.

Panel Screen size 69.3 inch
Max resolution 3840×1436
Active Area  1649.66(V) × 617(H)
Viewing Angle 178°/178°
ColourBrightness 16.7M
Brightness 200cd/m2-700cd/m2
Response time 8ms
Input power >300W
Audio Built-in stero speakers 5W*2 
Power Power input AC100-240V
Support Multi-language OSD: English, Chinese etc
Power off memory,continuous previous play when power on
Auto play when power on
Timer on/off
Preset time play
File&folder editable, rename,copy,delete file etc.
Loop playback/Slide show
background music modes,image modes,video modes (optional)
Rolling words on the screen 
Support Audio: MP3,WMV
Support Photo: JPEG,BMP
Build-in SD card slot, USB port (HDMI& VGA interface optional)
USB auto update content to SD card
Security lock protect media content 
 Built-in clock & calendar function
General information Case Material Metal case 
Case Color Standard color: Black&Silver(Customized color upon request)                        
Storage Temp (-10 -- 50degree)
Working Temp (0 -- 40degree)
Storage/Working  Humidity (10 -- 90% )
Product Dimension /
Product Weight /
Certificates CE, FCC&Rohs

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