New design High solution smart digital photo frame with cloud android OS Wifi for home/business

Short Description:

Digital photo frame is a photo frame that displays digital photos rather than paper photos.

Size screen: 7  Inch, 8 Inch, 10.1 Inch, 12.1 Inch, 15 Inch, 15.6 Inch, customized size

Product Detail

Digital photography is bound to promote the development of digital photo frames, because less than 35% of digital photos are printed all over the world. Digital photo frames are usually directly inserted into the camera’s memory card to display photos. Of course, more digital photo frames will provide internal storage space to connect with the function of external memory card. Digital photo frame is a photo frame, but it is no longer displayed by putting photos in, but through a LCD screen. It can obtain photos from SD card through the interface of card reader and set the way of circular display. It is more flexible than ordinary photo frame, and also gives a new display space for digital photos that are increasingly used now.

1) Digital photo frame is a new type of photo frame that can directly display digital photos without printing them.

(2) It adopts the outer frame (appearance) shape of the traditional ordinary photo frame, changes the middle photo part of the traditional ordinary photo frame into a liquid crystal display, and is equipped with power supply, storage medium and other components. It can directly display (play) digital photos. At the same time, it can cycle display (play) different photos in the same photo frame, providing a better photo display platform and space for the increasing number of digital photos and people who like photos.

Digital photo frame

Vertical digital photo frame

(3) The appearance of the digital photo frame is the same as that of the traditional ordinary photo frame (of course, it can be selected in terms of size and style). However, unlike the traditional ordinary photo frame, the digital photo frame needs to be printed out and then loaded into the photo frame for display. Instead, it can be displayed in the photo frame immediately by directly inserting the memory card of the camera or directly copying the digital photo to the memory of the digital photo frame, And it can store and display (play) hundreds or even thousands of photos.

(4) The above three points introduce the single function digital photo frame (that is, it can only display digital photos). In addition, there is a multi-function digital photo frame. In addition to displaying digital photos, it can also play MP3 / MP4 / slide pictures, movies / videos / TV, watch e-books, set alarm clocks and calendars, and even download photos online and browse the web; Different types of electronic photo frames can provide more choices for people with different needs.

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