Automatic Temperature Measurement And Identity Verification Terminals Become Standing Equipment For Epidemic Prevention

Automatic temperature measurement and identity verification terminals become standing equipment for epidemic prevention


The epidemic has spread again, and the automatic temperature measurement and identification verification terminal has become a standing equipment for epidemic prevention


Many people think that the epidemic will pass soon, but facts have proved that epidemic prevention awareness and prevention measures must be done at all times. Many office buildings, business halls, communities, campuses, etc. all use automatic temperature measurement equipment to quickly screen out persons with abnormal temperature and prevent spreading. The epidemic continues to the present, and these automatic temperature measurement terminals are now more and more widely used. In different application scenarios, the functional requirements for automatic temperature measurement terminals are also increasing.


For example, in some large-scale events and places with dense crowds and certain security requirements, identity verification and automatic temperature measurement are two major access control links that need to be completed. Some automatic temperature measurement terminals require face recognition, ID card recognition, and health code recognition functions, and some identity verification terminals also require automatic temperature measurement functions.


LAYSON releases face recognition multi-person temperature measurement terminal, supporting high-precision and wide-range temperature measurement. It can quickly check and warn people with fever symptoms in the crowd, and accurately display the highest temperature value. Combined with the face recognition system, it can determine the identity of personnel and strangers, and form the fine management of personnel and the early warning and tracking of suspected fever. It is suitable for long-distance measurement in large-flow and large-area areas. It works continuously 7*24h to effectively control the spread of the epidemic, build a line of defense against the epidemic in public places, and protect the lives and health of the people.

In terms of hardware manufacturing of automatic temperature measurement terminals or identity verification terminals, more parts need to be integrated. For example, smart hardware manufacturers will add face recognition cameras, fingerprint recognition modules and even ID card recognition modules to automatic temperature measurement terminals. Or add a temperature measurement module to the identity verification terminal, and at the same time carry out the secondary development of the system software in the automatic temperature measurement terminal or the identity verification terminal, in order to expand the function algorithms such as mask recognition and different health code recognition in different regions.


Facts have proved that the use of smart terminals with identity verification and automatic temperature measurement in various public places can better improve the efficiency of temperature measurement and identity recognition, and better complete the epidemic prevention work. The user introduces the automatic temperature measurement terminal or the identity verification terminal, which can also be used for a long time, not just for a short time. As an intelligent terminal that can achieve long-term epidemic prevention effects, it is increasingly playing its valuable role in the state of the global epidemic that is still unresolved.

Post time: Sep-28-2021